The Gen-Z Time Capsule Zine ~ The Andy Warhol Museum

The Gen-Z Time Capsule Zine ~ The Andy Warhol Museum

March 31, 2023
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To view and download The Gen-Z Time Capsule Zine, please click HERE.


Generation Z—born between 1997 and 2012—is poised to become the most influential and impactful generation in history. Yet little is truly known about these extraordinary young people, who live in the dichotomy between unprecedented courage and openness unlike the world has ever seen versus the shadows of unyielding stress, pressures, and judgment.

In the iconic spirit of Warhol’s own enthusiasm for exploring popular culture and collecting, most notably his 610 Time Capsules, the ultimate goal of The Gen-Z Time Capsule has been to further answer one of the most pressing questions of right now: Who exactly is Generation Z?

The Gen-Z Time Capsule Zine—designed by Gen-Z Artist Mckay Rappleyea—is one more creative channel for this mission of discovery to reach audiences and ripple onward as a legacy. Like with The Gen-Z Time Capsule itself, you can start here at the beginning and proceed straight ahead or you can explore these pages at random, pausing when something catches your eye and sparks a moment of curiosity or introspection.

For the two of us as educators, advocates, and artists, our journey through conceptualizing and facilitating The Gen-Z Time Capsule has been both a creative passion project and a unique opportunity to learn. And while we have gotten a little closer to answering Who is Generation Z? it is especially satisfying to know that in the process we also got to turn Gen-Zers into a bona fide work of Pop Art!

Nicole Dezelon

Director of Learning & Public Engagement

The Andy Warhol Museum

John Schlimm

Artist, Educator, Advocate, and

Author of Who is Gen-Z?: Everything You Don’t Know About Gen-Z But Should



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