About What Would Gen-Z Do?

When interacting with Gen-Zers, whether you are their parent, teacher, coach, employer, relative, neighbor, or anything in between, the generational divide can seem larger than ever. Gen-Zers ignore you, they refuse to turn on their Zoom cameras, they procrastinate, they make strange jokes, they have short attention spans, and they take so many selfies. But that isn’t all there is to Generation Z. What Would Gen-Z Do? will help you reach across the generational divide and learn how to navigate your relationships with Gen-Zers.

In this guide to everything Gen-Z, John Schlimm, Harvard-trained educator and Gen-Z advocate, uses his extensive experience in working with the younger generation to offer some insight for anyone who’s navigating the Gen-Z universe. In 52 chapters, you’ll find quick, relatable lessons and activity ideas that crush the stereotypes and stigmas of Generation Z and shed light on who your Gen-Zers really are—intelligent, compassionate, courageous, and honest future leaders. Love them, appreciate them, and encourage them to rock on!


About John Schlimm

A Harvard-trained educator, artist, advocate, and international award-winning author, John Schlimm was among the first to start piecing together the authentic and multifaceted face of Generation Z—beyond the stigmas, stereotypes, and often misguided media profiling of these dynamic young people, who remain largely misunderstood and vastly underestimated.

During the past several years, John’s extensive and revealing work and trusted relationship with Gen-Zers across the country has resulted in several thought-provoking essays—for Huffington Post, Harvard Ed.magazine, and others—and his groundbreaking collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum to create The Gen-Z Time Capsule, which is a participatory project helping Gen-Zers to further introduce themselves to the world—including their own parents, teachers, community leaders, employers, and others—while also turning them into a bona fide work of Pop Art.

Praise for What Would Gen-Z Do?

“Being the first Gen-Zer to visit space, I realize that my generation will bring many new possibilities to the world. Much will change from technologies to how we look at each other. What Would Gen-Z Do?describes and predicts how this will affect everyone and everything around us. For older generations especially, this book will act as a guideline for how to communicate with me and all the other Gen-Zers.”

~ Oliver Daemen, First Gen-Zer in Space, Blue Origin NS-16

“John Schlimm is undoubtably right that Gen-Z will prove to be the most influential and impactful generation in history. Coming from an earlier generation, I’m grateful for this holistic look at Gen-Z mindsets and belief systems. What Would Gen-Z Do? will be my guide!”

~ Patrick Moore, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum

“Having my own Gen-Zer, I can attest that John Schlimm is spot on about this generation of young people: they are resilient, multi-layered, and often misunderstood. That’s why his new book, What Would Gen-Z Do?, is a must-have guidebook for anyone who parents, teaches, mentors, coaches, or loves a Gen-Zer and wants to understand them better. And in typical Schlimm style, it’s not only accessible and creative, but also full of heart.”

~ Lory Hough, Editor, Harvard Ed. magazine

“As a psychiatrist who regularly interacts with Gen-Zers, I can confidently state that John Schlimm hits the nail on the head in What Would Gen-Z Do? with his insight surrounding their ability to smash stereotypes. As a society, particularly in the mental health arena, we owe a lot to the Gen-Zers and their ability to acknowledge the existence of mental illness and promote treatment. Keep up the great work, Gen-Z and John!”

~ Micah T. Hoffman, MD, DABPN, FAPA, QME, CIME, Behavioral Health Medical Director, Allmed Healthcare Management 

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