``Five Years in Heaven`` Keynote

VegFest Colorado

Commencement Address

“The Garden of Gratitude” Participatory Art Piece by John Schlimm

On March 12, 2019, my Participatory Art piece titled The Garden of Gratitude debuted at…

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My Exclusive Interview About “Moonshine” with “The Splendid Table”

"Moonshine is a spirit that goes by a long list of nicknames: white lightning, corn…

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My 5 Favorite Moonshines via InsideHook’s “Pick Your Poison”

WANT TO TASTE SOME REAL AMERICANA? DRINK MORE MOONSHINE. The country’s leading expert names his 5…

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MOONSHINE Lands on Whisky Advocate’s “New Whisky Books to Add to Your Fall Reading List”

See how MOONSHINE is adding even more BUZZzzz to Whisky Advocate's "New Whisky Books to Add…

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My BookPage Guest Essay: “10 banned books with banned booze”

"To celebrate the indomitable and visionary spirit of both the moonshiners and these authors—each one…

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My PA Wilds Guest Essay: “New Moonshine Book Reflects the Can-Do Rebel Spirit of the PA Wilds”

"With the release of Moonshine: A Celebration of America’s Original Rebel Spirit, I have now…

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Liquor.com Names “Moonshine” One of the “9 NEW COCKTAIL BOOKS YOU SHOULD READ NOW”

Click HERE to find out why Liquor.com thinks you should be reading my new book MOONSHINE:…

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My “Organic View” Podcast Interview & Recipes: “Grilling Tips From The Vegan Party Guy”

Now THIS is name-calling I can raise a toast to: "Grilling Tips From The Vegan…

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