``Five Years in Heaven`` Keynote

VegFest Colorado

Commencement Address

“A Garden of Kindness” Participatory Art Project By John Schlimm

On January 28, 2020, I debuted a new Participatory Art project titled A Garden of…

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THE SMILE Installation at Newtown High School

On January 29, 2020, my 18-foot long, Participatory Art piece titled THE SMILE THAT CHANGED…

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KABC’s “The Peter Tilden Show” Interview About “Extraordinary Dogs”

To listen to the full interview, please click HERE.

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The Christophers Blog: “‘Extraordinary Dogs’ Lead People Who Are Suffering to ‘God Moments’ That Heal”

"Since documenting his life-changing friendship with an 87-year-old nun in the memoir 'Five Years in…

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Daily Herald: “New book tells stories of local canines that provide comfort after national tragedies”

"'The dogs in this book embody humility, compassion and heroism in every way,' Schlimm said.…

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Concordia University Blog: “Concordia’s Comfort Dog Zoey featured in new book about working dogs”

"Zoey’s chapter details much of the impact she’s had during her time at Concordia. In…

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Booklist Review: “Extraordinary Dogs”

"Photographer Stavrinides and author Schlimm take the phrase 'good dog' to a whole new level."…

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FAITH Magazine Looks Back at 5 Years of “Five Years in Heaven”

2020 marks the five-year anniversary since Five Years in Heaven was first published. FAITH Magazine…

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