“The Unfinished Works Collection” By Sister Augustine

“The Unfinished Works Collection” By Sister Augustine

November 8, 2015
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Final Works of Celebrated Artist Sister Augustine

To Be Made Available To The Public

At a special event on Wednesday, November 18, from 6 to 8 p.m., the Benedictine Gift Shop (139 Church Street) in St. Marys, PA, will release the limited edition, signed and numbered Unfinished Works Collection by the late Sister Augustine, the 92-year old celebrated artist and star of the best-selling memoir Five Years in Heaven: The Unlikely Friendship That Answered Life’s Greatest Questions by John Schlimm. The event and sale are open to the public. Phone-in orders will also be taken nationwide following the event, starting on November 19.

The Unfinished Works Collection consists of 82 white bisqueware ceramic art pieces signed by Sister Augustine with her trademark “SJC” for Saint Joseph’s Ceramics, which was part of St. Joseph Monastery, the oldest Benedictine Convent in the U.S founded in 1852 (The convent closed in 2015). These works were left unfinished by Sister Augustine in her studio upon her passing in 2008.

The pieces represent Sister’s motto that: “Life is meant to be an unfinished piece of work that others carry on in some way after you’ve gone. That way there truly is no beginning and no end.”

In honor of Sister Augustine’s inspiring humility and belief that her works should be affordable to anyone who wants to own one, these specially blessed pieces will be priced $10.00 and under, and accompanied with a special tag of provenance. At the event, there will be a limit of two pieces per person. Proceeds will benefit the ongoing work and ministry of the Benedictine Gift Shop.

For more information about The Unfinished Works Collection event on November 18, or to place an out-of-town order for an unfinished piece (starting on November 19) or a specially inscribed copy of Five Years in Heaven, please call the Benedictine Gift Shop c/o St. Mary’s Parish at 814-781-1019.


Select Pieces From

The Unfinished Works Collection

By Sister Augustine


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