The Christophers Blog: “‘Extraordinary Dogs’ Lead People Who Are Suffering to ‘God Moments’ That Heal”

The Christophers Blog: “‘Extraordinary Dogs’ Lead People Who Are Suffering to ‘God Moments’ That Heal”

October 30, 2019
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“Since documenting his life-changing friendship with an 87-year-old nun in the memoir ‘Five Years in Heaven,’ author John Schlimm has come to believe in ‘divine choreography.’ And though the next project to which he was led may seem to be more earthly, the peace and love of God are present throughout his new book, ‘Extraordinary Dogs: Stories from Search and Rescue Dogs, Comfort Dogs, and Other Canine Heroes.’

The book consists of 40 essays profiling different dogs, along with lovable, heartwarming pictures of each canine, taken by co-author Liz Stavrinides.

During a Christopher Closeup interview, Schlimm told me, ‘These dogs are doing some incredible works, and certainly the comfort dogs [from] a Christian organization. [Their handlers] believe that this is an extension of Jesus’ own work that they’re doing. And that bears out in the work that you see. They are going into some of the most tragic places on the planet: into schools after school shootings: Parkland, Newtown. The search and rescue dogs are going into places like Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria…the mud slides out in California…You realize that not only are all of these dogs truly American treasures, but they are helping us to express the best of the human spirit and bringing light into lives that have been submerged into dark.’”

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John Schlimm

John Schlimm is a Harvard-trained educator, advocate, artist, and the award-winning author of 19 books on dogs, memoir, entertaining/cooking, history, how-to, and essays.

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