Podcast Tour Interview Links for “What Would Gen-Z Do?”

Podcast Tour Interview Links for “What Would Gen-Z Do?”

January 2, 2023
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“John brings this generation into the light with his new book What Would Gen-Z Do?: Everything You Don’t Know About Gen-Z But Should.” ~ Dr. Liz Holifield, Host of 411 Teen 

“Groundbreaking New Book” ~ Kevin Price, Host of Price of Business

“This book is so important because it helps us understand the mindset, the actions, the reactions, and how they’re planning out their own personal future!” ~ Arroe Collins, Host of Like It’s Live

The following links are to selected interviews that John has done as part of a cross-country radio and podcast tour for What Would Gen-Z Do?:

Conversations with Kim Carson Show: LISTEN HERE

Talking to Teens with Andy Earle: LISTEN HERE

Mom Essentials/The Parent Toolbox with Angie Weber: LISTEN HERE

A Little Less Fear with Dr. Lino Martinez: LISTEN HERE

411 Teen with Dr. Liz Holyfield: LISTEN HERE

60 Mindful Minutes with Kristen Manieri: LISTEN HERE

The Five Count with Dustin Wilmes: LISTEN HERE

Like It’s Live with Arroe Collins: LISTEN HERE

The Price of Business: LISTEN HERE

Heidi’s LemonAid Stand with Heidi Alldredge: LISTEN HERE

The Frankie Boyer Show: LISTEN HERE

Viewpoints: LISTEN HERE

The Weekend with Ed Kalegi: LISTEN HERE

The Kathryn Zox Show: LISTEN HERE

Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb: LISTEN HERE

The Kim Pagano Show: LISTEN HERE

Helping Families Be Happy: LISTEN HERE

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