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“A Family Poem for the World”: A Participatory Poem-Writing Project


“A Family Poem for the World”

A Participatory Project Created By YOU!

Edited & Introduced By John Schlimm, in partnership with Familius


To read the full, continually evolving poem, click HERE.


About “A Family Poem for the World”:

Familius and John Schlimm, author of the upcoming The Star Jumped Over the Moon, are thrilled to announce the launch of participatory poem-writing project A FAMILY POEM FOR THE WORLD.

John Schlimm’s understanding of the power that creating (and creating TOGETHER) can have in bringing people together and lifting them up parallels Familius’s mission to help families be happy.

Familius founder and CEO Christopher Robbins says, “My first introduction to poetry was through my grandfather, who used poetry to communicate important life lessons to me. Poetry has the ability to distill into the most succinct and beautiful language lessons, thoughts, and emotions that connect us to what is most important.”

Submit words, phrases, or single sentences to Familius on any social platform using #FamilyPoemfortheWorld or e-mail to to contribute to the poem, which will be edited and revised and will live on By submitting an entry, you consent to Familius sharing and republishing your line as part of this project.

John Schlimm and Familius are also happy to offer a discussion guide for families, educators, and remote learners to accompany this activity, available upon request ( Happy writing!


John Schlimm

John Schlimm is a Harvard-trained educator, advocate, artist, and the award-winning author of 19 books on dogs, memoir, entertaining/cooking, history, how-to, and essays.

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