The Bradford Era: “Pitt-Bradford professor’s recent article works to explain Generation Z”

“One of the greatest gifts Gen Z is already giving to the world is how they are flipping the script on the stereotypes and stigmas around mental illness,” Schlimm said. “Their courage and openness in sharing their stories, about things like suicide attempts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abuse, rape, and so many other conditions and traumas, is perhaps the biggest thing to happen in the world of mental health and wellness ever.”

This is a needed and welcome change, Schlimm said.

“Gen Zers are transforming words like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicide from dirty words that folks have long been embarrassed or fearful, or forbidden, to say out loud into rallying cries and calls to action that become these incredible lightbulb moments for those around them and that are then motivating others to come forward with their stories and to seek the help they need and deserve,” he explained.



John Schlimm

John Schlimm is the award-winning author of sixteen books on cooking, history, how-to, and fiction. His latest work is The Ultimate Beer Lover's Happy Hour.

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