My Huffington Post Essay: “3 Ways You Are Blessed (That I Bet You Never Thought Of)”

“It’s so easy in today’s world to fall into that slump. You know the one: where you think everyone else is passing you by, you wonder where you were when God was handing out all the talent, you convince yourself you have nothing to offer to the world, and life just really, REALLY exhausts you.

Well, think again! Here are three ways that you are the center of the universe. Unique. One of a kind. The apple of God’s eye. There was never anyone like you before, there is no one like you now, and there will never be anyone like you ever again. Your blessing of time is at hand. So jump on this precious life and ride it for all it’s worth!”

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John Schlimm

John Schlimm is a Harvard-trained educator, advocate, artist, and the award-winning author of 19 books on dogs, memoir, entertaining/cooking, history, how-to, and essays.